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About FARG

 FARG was established for solving the problem of which the responsibility is not of only Rwandese. The International Community must get mobilized, and have obligation to human solidarity particularly so because Genocide is a crime against humanity.

The Genocide and Massacres caused enormous Consequences visible and invisible to the Survived Victims and also profoundly affected the lives of every one in Rwanda Socially and Economically.

The persons who miraculously managed to survive Genocide and Massacres were in need of moral, psychological and material support. In brief, they needed to restore human dignity and rights that they were deprived of.

The victims have in many cases suffered terrible physical and psychological harm, and had lost their families, reducing their access to social networks and increasing their vulnerability.

Though, they recovered their rights to physical life, by being saved from Genocide, they remained dead on the moral, psychological and material point of view.

It is the wake of addressing such an acute situation that the Government of National Unity, established through Law n° 02/98 of 22/01/1998, a National Assistance Fund for Needy Survivors of Genocide.